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  • 2021 A New Year - New Beginning

    10th Feb 2021

    2021 A New Year - New Beginning

    I like to think that a "set-back" will actually be a testimony of "come-back" and this is what I foresee in this year of 2021.   Although, this past year has been a struggle with the closure…

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  • Mixing the Old with the New

    13th Sep 2019

    Mixing the Old with the New

    I love old vintage western pieces be it a pair of cowboy boots, a purse, cowboy hat or leather accessory piece.  If I'm not riding my horses - I'm out traveling and shopping antique stores for co…

    Published by tina dyba

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  • Why buy Pure Beaver Hat

    20th Jul 2019

    Why buy Pure Beaver Hat

    Quality cowboy hats made with Pure Beaver materials are definitely costly!  So I am asked on a daily basis by many of my customers, "why would I spend so much money on a cowboy hat that will be w…

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  • It's RODEO Time!

    31st May 2019

    It's RODEO Time!

    We know Spring has officially arrived ..when it's time to Rodeo!   This season we welcome a variety of styles that begin with traditional pearl snap western shirts in beautiful shades of Eggplant…

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  • How do You Define Your Style?

    2nd Nov 2018

    How do You Define Your Style?

    It has been seven years since we first launched our internet and retail store.  It has been an ongoing experimentation of trial and error with pop-up stores at equine shows & rodeos to differ…

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  • Vaquero Style Cowboy Hats

    15th Mar 2018

    Vaquero Style Cowboy Hats

    Vaquero Stylish Cowboy Hats are the hottest new item for the year 2018!   The noun description of a Vaquero, is a Spanish Cowboy or cattle driver.  Their hats were large brims and high…

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  • Store Grand Opening 2018

    12th Jan 2018

    Store Grand Opening 2018

    We have been so blessed by the New Year and are excited to announce our newest store location in downtown Prescott, Arizona.  For the past 5 years, you may have shopped our store online, or durin…

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