Wild Rags the Essential Necessity

Wild Rags the Essential Necessity

31st Jan 2022

Wild Rags have always been an essential necessity to every working cowboy or cowgirls wardrobe.  Not because they were pretty, luxurious and stylish, but because the wild rag offered protection against harsh weather elements while working in the rugged outdoors.  Now days, the wild rag, has been become the essential pairing piece, that will add color and vibriance the overall  western look.  Cut in the shape of square, with sizes ranging from 35" inches to 62" inches and made with soft fabrics such as silk or polyester, the wild rag has taken on a new form.    Whether you show horses, are a working cowboy or just a cowgirl at heart, the Wild Rag scarf is definitely must needed accessory to your closet! 

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