Quality over Quantity

Quality over Quantity

Published by Tina Dyba on 11th Jul 2023

As I have aged and grown wiser in my shopping adventures, my desire for value and durability in everything I purchase has become first priority.   In my younger days my closet was littered with just about everything I could find on the sale rack or at the local discount store from tops to bottoms, boots to heels and all the accessories in between.  Although the prices were very enticing, I found that most items really never fit well and I usually bought more of the items then needed.  Needless to say, my wardrobe had many items that just sat and were never worn.

There is something to be said for quality over quantity and this why I carry the Stetson Brand apparel line. I love the fit, feel and quality of their products especially when it comes to men's dress shirts.   The high thread count fabric holds up to every machine wash or visit to the cleaners.  And the western yokes and superb detailing of embroidery on the cuffs, front pockets and Ivory pearl snaps/buttons really add to the attributes of these shirts.   Not to mention, the colorful vibrant prints and patterns be it paisley, plaid or stripes.    These days, shopping for either myself, my husband and resourcing for my store has become a much different experience as I have been accustomed to learn that the worth of items, be it a pair of cowboy boots, jeans, tops or hat is really in how you will wear it, and the time frame that it will last! 


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