Hat Restoration: Is it worth the cost?

Hat Restoration: Is it worth the cost?

26th Jul 2023

Time and time again, I come across a few requests from customers seeking to restore badly worn, weathered hats desperately desiring if the hat can be restored?   My answers are limited until after I have inspected the hat completely, reasoning with the customer to keep the old hat or purchasing a new one.   \

I have found through asking a series of questions, that it usually isn't the cost of wanting to purchase a new hat but the hindering fact that the old hat has long legacy of memories and stories that can't be replaced. 

For example, the father who just passed, leaving this cherished relic to his son, or the husband who just couldn't part with perfect fit, although his hat displayed tiny holes with barely any elasticity left to shape.   Not to mention, grandpappy, who hung his Silver Belly hat at the front door, nearly 25 years ago and hasn't worn it since, although its an artpiece on the wall, collecting a mound of dust and is in dire need of stain removal.   

So, the question still remains, is it worth the cost....and I say YES!    And this is why I love the task of a hat making business.    Seeing the transformation from "old to new" take place. Buyer NOTE, this is also why you want to purchase a quality be it beaver blends or pure beaver hats.  A personal item of quality that will last a very long time, and in which will allow you the opportunity to  pass along "your" heritage!  

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