Why buy Pure Beaver Hat

Why buy Pure Beaver Hat

20th Jul 2019

Quality cowboy hats made with Pure Beaver materials are definitely costly!  So I am asked on a daily basis by many of my customers, "why would I spend so much money on a cowboy hat that will be worn in the rain, sleet, snow and dirt"?   My answer is always the same - "value in durability"!  Just like a good leather saddle or pair of cowboy boots, a well-made handcrafted pure beaver blend cowboy hat-  can and will withstand many weather elements.  I can easily be restored or blocked and holds it shape throughout time. It also doesn't bleed when wet.  Pictured below is recent hat I restored with just minor steaming and brushing.  NO chemicals were used.  The natural oils in the beaver pelt will show thru again and again bringing out the luster.   So why buy a Pure Beaver Hat - for its value that will last many years to come!

Before Pure Beaver Hat  

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